Thursday, July 4, 2013

Friday Brunch: Corniche Restaurant at Sofitel Abu Dhabi

If our schedule permits, we make it a point that Friday is a happy day for the whole family.  This includes our weekly grocery, fun time activities with the kids and of course eating out.  I purchased a voucher from Groupon for a brunch at Corniche Restaurant at Sofitel Hotel in Abu Dhabi.  It was a good deal as I only paid AED 169 (roughly USD 50) for the four of us.

Let's start with the hotel's interior:

The interior was fabulous.  Sofitel really is a 5-star hotel.  From the shiny floor up to the hanging lights, it was really one of a kind.  The facade is modern, which I like, and not crowded.

Next stop - service:
Service was wonderful.  The staff will make you feel like kings and queens for the day.  They even gave us this complimentary bread basket with a generous serving of butter, which the kids loved, and a bottle of water, which they will refill when you finished your first one.

Yummy bread
Ice cold water
Now comes the - food:
I was not really satisfied with the food they had for the buffet.  I must say the selection was varied from soup to dessert, it's just that it was lacking flavor.

My starter plate.  Everything was just ordinary except for the calamari salad on top.

My main course, which consisted of steamed salmon, chicken barbecue, fried fish and steamed rice.  There were still a lot of other options, but they did not look appetizing to me. 

The fruit section.

My desert plate - opera cake, cream something and some biscuits.

Desserts, desserts and more desserts!

Overall, it was a good deal.  The lack of flavor was definitely compensated by the excellent service that the staff had given us.

Corniche Restaurant
Sofitel Hotel Abu Dhabi
Al Marzakiyah
(02) 813-7777

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