Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to Renew Your Child's Residence Visa in the UAE

You know you've been living in the UAE for quite some time when you expect changes in the roads and laws every so often.  My son's residence visa was up for renewal on 06 July 2013.  Today, my husband went to the Immigration Department to renew his visa.  Here in the UAE, the children's residence visa should almost always be under the father's sponsorship except in some cases.  Based on my previous experience(s), going to the DNRD for ANY transaction is like a roller coaster ride.  You'll never know what to expect and everything depends on the judgment mercy of the Immigration officer.  Thankfully, everything went smoothly today.  There was no question and no out-of-this-world documents asked - thank God!

Below is the list of documents that you should have on hand for visa renewal:
  1. Birth certificate of the child (if the child was born in the UAE then it should be the birth certificate issued here; if the child was born outside UAE, the birth certificate should be authenticated).
  2. Health insurance of the child.
  3. Emirates ID.
  4. Passport (original and copy) of the child.
  5. Passport picture with white background.
  6. Authenticated marriage contract of the parents.
  7. Passport (original and copy) of the parents.
  8. Salary certificate of the parent(s).
  9. Emirates ID of the parents.
  10. Tenancy contract.
Please note that it is okay if the Emirates ID is not yet current, as the Emirates ID will not be renewed unless the residence visa is valid and up-to-date.

Now here comes the fun part - the steps on renewing your child's residence visa.
  1. Go the residence visa section (this is the building on your left side when you enter the Immigration Department).
  2. Get the approval from counter #13 if you are eligible to sponsor your child.
  3. If you get approved proceed to the typing center, which is located at the back of the compound.  If you don't get approved - cry then come back another day as they might give you a different decision that time.
  4. Once in the typing center, get a number and wait for your number to be called.  Note:  When I said wait - this could mean forever.
  5. Once called, give your documents to the counter and he/she will fill up the renewal form for you.
  6. Pay the necessary fee.
  7. Go back to the residence visa section and get another number.
  8. Once called, give the accomplished visa renewal form along with the other documents that they may ask.
  9. Wait for the visa to be pasted and stamped on the passport.  Note:  There is no more urgent processing.  Visas are now given the same day.  No more Empost fees - wohoo!
 The steps I have mentioned above are not necessarily in order.  This depends on how many times they will ask you to go back and forth for this and that.

You also have the option to renew the visa for one or three years.

Once you have received the residence visa, you can then proceed to apply for your child's Emirates ID.

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