Sunday, July 7, 2013

Garrett Popcorns

I've always been wondering what the craze is all about this popcorn, so when we got the chance to visit Dubai Mall and passed by at Candylicious, I grabbed the opportunity to grab a pack of this ever so popular popcorn.  For me, a small pack is enough for the whole family to share.  

Before deciding on which flavor to choose, you can ask the staff for a sample of each of the flavor so that you won't regret the choice you've made  afterwards.  So after the popcorn tasting, I've decided to get the caramel poppies! 

It's sooooo delicious.  It's so crisp and crunchy.  The caramel coating is so generous unlike those prepacked caramel popcorns that you can buy from the market.  The 20 Dhs that I paid for one small pack is definitely worth it.  Just make sure that you have your bottle of water on hand, as I am pretty sure that you're gonna need it after/while eating this nonstop. 

 So when in Dubai Mall, pass by Garrett's.  It's definitely worth a try.

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