Thursday, August 22, 2013

Help Typhoon Maring Victims

For the last three years, the Philippines has been suffering from major floods both in the rural and urban areas alike.  OFWs most of the time feel helpless when calamities like this happen.  We are very far from home and will need at least 8 hours' flight to reach home.  The most that we can do is to call our families back home to make sure that they're okay and stay glued to the tube for further updates.  Most importantly, we ask help from our Father above to help the helpless victims.

Photo credits to Yahoo Philippines

I know that prayers are important and powerful, but we can also do something in addition to this to help the poor victims.  We can always DONATE in cash or in kind.

Yahoo Philippines has written a very detailed article on how we can reach out to the victims of Typhoon Maring.  Please click this link to learn more on how we can help.

I know that we OFWs cannot volunteer, but at least we can donate a bit of our hard earned money to those who are in most need right now. 

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