Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Magnolia Bakery

We paid Al Maryah Island a visit as we were very curious about the newly opened high-end Galleria Mall.  It was so beautiful inside, but just as I have said earlier, it was high end - meaning most of their shops are the likes of Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc.  If you are willing to splurge then this is the mall for you, but for us who are short on budget we just feast our eyes on the marvelous displays of the shop and the view of the mall itself.

Welcome to Magnolia Bakery
Then we passed by the much talked about Magnolia Bakery inside the Galleria.  This cafe is very famous in New York for its cakes.

Cafe counter
The restaurant itself has a very rustic ambience.  It was simple yet elegant.  The pastel colors of the interior are really relaxing.  The service was excellent, too.  The staff was so nice to even give my kids a sample of one of their best sellers - the red velvet cupcake.  The only thing that I noticed was that most of the customers raised brows when they saw a Filipino family dining in this restaurant.  The staff was not racist, but the customers were.  But you know what - I didn't care, as we were paying customers, too.

Rustic interior

Best seller - carrot cake

Red velvet cheesecake

Milk tea
We ordered the last piece of their carrot cake, which was the best that I have tasted so far.  Now I know why it is so popular.  We also tried their red velvet cheesecake and the mini cupcakes were given for free by the staff.  The cakes were perfect for my hot milk tea, which was served in this country style mug.

Red velvet cupcake mini
The price was awesome.  At first I thought it was expensive because it is a franchise of the popular Magnolia Bakery in New York, but I was totally wrong.  It was very affordable.  A slice of cake costs around AED 20 to 30, which costs almost the same as the ones we order from Starbucks, Dome, etc.

Dining here was such a delight and I will make sure to sit here and relax whenever we are in the area.

Magnolia Bakery
Shop 279, Level 2
The Galleria Mall
Al Maryah Island
Telephone number:  (02) 6749380

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