Sunday, September 15, 2013

At the Top - Burj Khalifa

For those who have seen the movie, Mission Impossible, I think it is a common knowledge that Tom Cruise made a dangerous stunt and was hanging on the world's tallest building.  As a UAE resident, I made sure that it will not only be Tom Cruise who had the privilege of being at the top of the Guiness Book of World Records' tallest building to date.  So one sunny afternoon, we decided to go and experience what it is like to be "almost" on the top of the world.

Sorry for the picture quality, but it says "At the Top"
Before we went there, I booked a tour and bought tickets online, as it will save me lots and lots of fuloos! Booked tickets only cost AED 125 for adults and AED 95 for kids 4-12 years old whereas immediate entry tickets cost AED 400 for both adults and kids.  Kids aged 0-3 go for free.  It's good that my youngest, Xanti, is only 3 years old so that makes one ticket free!

The replica of the Burj Khalifa near the entrance.
 Those who have booked their tickets online can collect the tickets from this machine.  You just need to enter your phone number and surname and your ticket will be dispensed.  However, if you are late for your appointment, go directly to the reception booth and get your ticket from there as you as this machine will not be able to locate your booked ticket.

Online Ticket Collection

Got our tickets!

Be sure that you will arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your booked appointment as there will be days and times that the queue is terrible and will have a waiting time of about 20-30 minutes.  While on the queue, you will not be bored as there are pictures around the waiting area showing a bit of the history of the Burj.

Please note also that trolleys, prams, strollers of any kind are not allowed At The Top.  You will have to leave these on their counters and just come back for it after your tour.

Presentation of the world's tallest towers.

I think that the Burj Khalifa should also have another record for having the fastest elevator.  Burj Khaliaf has 163 floors and it took only more or less than a minute for the elevator ride to reach the observation deck!  That was fast, no super fast!  You won't even feel the pressure building up in your ear.

At the Observation Deck.

When we reached the top, we can hear the "Oooohs" and "Aaaahs" of people everywhere.  The view was really spectacular and amazing.  We were able to observe the beauty of Dubai from a bird's eyeview.

My kids enjoying the view.

 It wasn't really scary at all.  Just look at my kids' faces.
Not afraid of heights.


You can see the whole of Dubai from here.

Magnificent view.

Everything seems so tiny from here.
There's also a souvenir shop right At the Top.  Make sure to bring at least AED 10 so that you can grab a gold coin from there from their machine.

At the Top souvenir shop.
On your way out the Burj, there are pictures posted on the wall showing the history of the Burj and the people behind its success.  It's like the United Nations - each nationality has a representative.

The men and women who made the Burj Khalifa a success!

Is it worth to spend AED 125 for this?  A BIG YES!  It's only once in a lifetime that you can witness this magnificent structure that made its history in the books.  And when the time comes, you can tell your your children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren, that yes - I've once set foot in history.

The Guiness Book of World Records plaque.

At The Top
1 Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
Downtown Dubai
Dubai, UAE
Telephone number:  (Within the UAE) 800 ATTHETOP; (Outside UAE) +9714-8888124

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