Thursday, September 19, 2013

Swimming Lessons for Kids: Perfect View Gym

With the recent disasters and calamities that happened recently in the Philippines, I realized that I made the right decision on having my daughter learn how to swim at an early age.  It has been and still is my frustration to learn how to swim, but I am so coward I could not brave the water.  Swimming is a life-saving skill that I think everyone should know how.

I saw one voucher in Makhsoom wherein Perfect View Gym offers eight group swimming classes for kids for only AED 265.  Since it was summer, I decided to enroll my daughter (I couldn't enroll my son since the youngest they will accept is 4) for eight sessions.  The coaches are two Filipino ladies and one Arab man.  Lessons are conducted every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday from 5 to 6 PM.  However, if you miss one lesson, you cannot make up for it so make sure to attend all the lessons as every lesson is important.  

On our first day, we were surprised to see how many kids enrolled.  On a 50-meter pool are almost 30 kids, one group in each corner, almost 10 kids per group.  I was like, will my daughter even learn how to swim in this big group?  But hey, we already paid for the voucher so I might as well let her try.

The first few sessions were really very basic.  The basic pulling, kicking, bubbles, etc.  They were teaching the kids very systematically and patiently, if I may add.  At first, my daughter was really struggling.  She didn't know how to kick or pull properly.  She drowned more than a dozen times.  

I am so, so proud of what she has achieved.  I ended up buying three more vouchers for my daughter to be able to learn all the strokes.  She is excellent for a kid in her age group.

Below are the videos of my daughter's progress.  

When school started, the students became less and I think it is better if I had enrolled my daughter towards the end of summer break.  Nonetheless, she has achieved more than what I was expecting of her.

For those who are interested, please see the details below and look for Coach Joie.

Perfect View Gym
C1 Building, Baynounah Street
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone number:  (02) 635-9896

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