Tuesday, June 25, 2013

APi CAE Gourmet's Lil' Chef Summer Cooking Camps

If it's 40C outside, then definitely summer is officially on!  Along with summer comes the school break.  To keep the little ones busy, I have enrolled them in a cooking class at APi CAE Gourmet.  My little ones are so into cooking so I wanted them to experience how it felt like to be a chef even for one time.

Aside from being an excellent Italian restaurant, APi CAE Gourmet offers cooking courses along throughout the year for the kids.  This time, they have their summer cooking camp that caters to different age groups.

I have not availed of the whole summer course.  Instead I only enrolled my kids in their Funny Face Pizza class because of my schedule.  The kids were so excited to wear their aprons and toque for the first time!

The class was conducted by Denisa.  She was an excellent teacher to the kids and very patient.

They held the class inside APi CAE's kitchen, which made the kids even more thrilled!  They made one pizza each.  They used a ready made dough which they flattened out and then decorated with different toppings to make a funny face.

Kneading the dough


Xanti's pizza
Mcxene's pizza
They also made one calzone each.  This time, the kneading of the dough was a little bit more difficult, so Denisa helped them.  Calzone is almost the same as pizza except it has a "filling" rather than a "topping."

Very attentive!

Adding the filling

The kiddos calzone

So after almost 30 minutes of hardwork, this is what the kids got:

Happy Mama at the back

Of course, we got to eat what my little angels prepared.  They also gave the kids juice packs to go.  They did not just enjoy making a pizza, but they also enjoyed eating the fruits of their labor.

For those interested, please visit their website to learn more about them.

APi CAE Gourmet
Khalidiya Tower Block A
(02) 666-8909

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