Monday, June 24, 2013

Book & Bean

With the advent of  e-book readers, Ipads, tablets, etc., are there still people out there who would like to flip pages of a book and read a story the "old school" way?  If there still are then this might be the place for you.

Book & Bean is a cafe and a second-hand bookshop located beside ACE Hardware in Yas Island.  Now who would have thought that a bookshop exists in ACE Hardware?

Book and Bean Cafe
Book & Bean offers a wide selection of best sellers, both hard and paperback alike.  From Sanda Brown to JK Rowling, name it - they have it.  

My nephew looking for a good read.
Once done reading your book, you can also return the book and they will buy it from you for half of the original that you bought it.  Good deal, huh?  What's more they also offer a Loyalty Card.  For any combination of 9 books and/or coffees, you can claim a complimentary coffee of ANY size.  The only setback is its location.  But whenever I am in Yas Island, I'll make sure to pass by at Book & Bean, find a good book and enjoy a cuppa.  

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