Sunday, June 23, 2013

E-Vision is Moving

Due to the recent changes in technology (do I sound techy enuf?), E-vision is now moving to eLifeTV.  Last  week I received an SMS from Etisalat informing me to migrate my current E-vision subscription to eLifeTV before 30 June 2013 or else I will pay for the "reconnection" charges if I chose to be stubborn and not migrate my subscription.  At first, I was very hesitant to comply as there has been an issue like this before asking subscribers of Al Shamil (internet services) to upgrade to eLife telling customers that Al Shamil will be faced out soon.  However, as of the time I was writing (and even maybe while you are reading) this blog, Al Shamil still exists!  So I checked E-vision's website and this is what I saw:

Then I was convinced that they were really serious about upgrading.

I was given three options:
  1. Send SMS "TV" to 1201 and wait for a customer service representative to call you back.
  2. Dial 101.
  3. Go to the nearest Etisalat service center.
Of course being a girl scout that I am and wanting everything to be done perfectly, I dialed 101 and asked for the migration.

Are you currently an eLife Double Play subscriber?  Then read this....

You have the option of upgrading your current Double Play subscription to Triple Play.  One of the differences is that with Triple Play, you have to pay an extra AED 20 for the HD decoder that also has the capacity to record TV programs.  With Triple Play, one Basic package is included in your subscription.  

If you are NOT an eLife Double Play subscriber, then...

You can have eLife one play, which means the TV only option.  You can either have the regular decoder for AED 20 a month or the special decoder that has the capacity to record for AED 30 a month.  Then you can choose from the different packages that eLifeTV offers.  Please note that the Basic package is not included in One Play.

For both Triple Play and One Play, you can choose from either the Basic, OSN, e-Pehla, e-Firstnet, and ART. They also have their A La Carte and eLife Mini Packs.

I got mine upgraded from Double Play to Triple Play with OSN Pinoy package (which includes the TFC package) and then added My GMA as an A La Carte.  I was only paying AED 400 before for both the Double Play and E-Vision.  Now, I will be paying AED 507 a month.  It's AED 107 difference, but it's fine because I can have both TFC and GMA plus ABC5 shows.  It's just like I am back home. 

By the way, I was informed by the Etisalat CSR that I have dealt with that the 20 minutes of free international calls provided to eLife customers will be stopped soon.  This is not yet confirmed, and I am hoping that this will not push through.

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