Monday, June 24, 2013

Saudi Cuisine VIP

One of the things that I am missing a lot from Saudi Arabia is their grilled chicken and bukari rice especially the salsa sauce with gerger.  Having lived in Saudi Arabia for almost three years, this has been a part of my weekly, if not daily, meal!  Since the UAE is also an Arab country, I am quite surprised to find out that there are only a few restaurants that serve chicken bukari or maybe I am not adventurous enough to look for it on this part of the world.

Luckily, last year new restaurants opened up along the street of where I live; Saudi Cuisine was one of those.  It was just one cartwheel away from my flat, but it took me months forever before I was finally able to eat there.

I am sorry for the picture quality.  I will change this once I get a better picture of the resto.

The interior of the restaurant is interesting.  It was designed to make you feel like you are really in one of the Arabic majilis and also so that customers can also experience how simple the Arab life WAS.  There was no table at all.  Everybody has to sit on the floor.  No exceptions to the rule - full stop!

The resto's interior.
The not-so traditional Arabic lamp.

My mom feeling like an Arabic princess. <3

Enjoying our Majilis experience.
 What I noticed was with the original Saudi dining experience, you get to eat in one big plastic sheet.  No plates, no cutleries, no nothing.  But here - they have modified it a bit and provided us with cutleries and plates, as shown obviously on the picture.

The lovely Fatoush salad, which is the best that I have ever tasted!

We had the chicken bukari on the left side and fried sherri on the right side.

We were also given complimentary lentil soup, which was too thick for me. 
One order of chicken bukhari is good for two to three persons, depending on how hungry you are!  And wait - they have the salsa sauce that I have been looking for the longest time.

The overall dining experience was fantastic.  Will I go back there again?  It's a big YES!  The bill was only  AED 115 and we left the place with a very happy tummy.

Saudi Cuisine VIP
3rd Street Opposite Corniche Towers Block C
(02) 665-5355

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